Taking a look at the women’s march on Washington that is currently happening globally, I wish I could be in the thick of it, linked arm in arm with other women, with fellow allies, with fellow countrymen. But I’m sitting in a coffee shop here in Texas, worried about political involvement in my uterus , in our healthcare system and in our jail cells while drinking fair trade coffee, getting over a cold, and trying to helplessly find organizations to donate time & money to instead. I’m listening to music that goes beyond inspiration and resolution and am reminding myself to speak up, to speak out, and to intentionally listen to commentary and livelihoods that differ than mine.

I started Dear July in part because I was desperate. I was having nightmares, falling on bad habits, and trying to remind myself constantly that I’m better than this, that this terrible event does not and will not ever define my steadfast humanity. I started Dear July because I wanted people to realize that sexual assault and gender violence knows no boundaries. It knows no colour, no status, no barriers of any sort. And I am better at getting my words out on paper than verbally out loud. I am better with a pen than I am with a sword. And I am mightier when I am vigilant and when I am learning.

Dear July is my version of a call to action. A call that this goes so much thicker, murkier, and grosser than anyone who hasn’t been through it knows the depth of. I’m not rational when I talk about this, I can’t think with a clear mind when I do. I’m too close to the subject matter and am vehemently angry when somebody can’t see that we have a long way to go in terms of getting people to report, actually believing them when they do, and having people actually uphold the law when they’re prosecuted and are found guilty by a group of their peers.

This women’s march on Washington has me utterly invigorated, inspired, and in need of revamping so that Dear July can be an adequate place for information, help, and so much more. Leave a comment below of what you think would be the most helpful for getting someone out of sexual violence as well as reputable sources for anyone looking for help!


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