About Dear July

Ever since the Arab Spring, where Facebook & Twitter literally helped take down the Egyptian government and replace it with a more democratic one, we can see the power of societal climate change come to fruitation through our news feeds. And while this has helped get the word out for some very important causes like the Syrian civil war, our current political climate, and more, there seems to be one realm that we gripe about but still haven’t put the pedal to the medal in terms of changing it. And that’s rape culture as well as how we treat survivors of sexual violence.

Our social media feeds lately seem to be full of articles, posts, and comments that straddle two seemingly flip side ideals-one part perpetrating rape culture and the other understanding what it is and its destructive capabilities but no idea where to start. But when it comes to listening to the stories of an actual rape survivor, we’re more than likely to turn a cheek and blame the victim, in turn furthering rape culture-even if it was completely unintentional. Dear July is looking to create a community of survivors looking to share their own stories in order to shed light that there is no perfect victim or survivor. There is no perfect story. Sexual assault and rape are often murky, gray areas that are difficult to understand, especially if it’s happened to you.

Here, inspired in part by famous survivors coming out with letters and their own stories like the infamous Brock Turner case letter, we’re looking to share letters of our own survival, no matter how complicated or gray it may be. We’re doing this in hopes of starting a conversation of how to actually help victims of sexual violence with a secondary desire to shed light on just how prevalent rape culture and sexual assault are in society today. Even in a country as great as the United States.

By no means are we mental health experts, or we medical professionals but we hope we inspire you to explore your options and get the adequate help you need as well as deserve. We’re here, we’re present, and we’re not going away. Dear July aims to be a conglomerate of hope, strength, and love to ensure you know that your narrative and your experience are infinitely valid. While Dear July also was created in hopes of dismantling rape culture from the inside, we also want to promote that if you’re going through the after effects of rape, sexual assault, or some form of sexual violence, we hear you. We believe you. And we want this to be a starting point of healing.